Teachers & Classrooms

Our Educators – High Standards Make the Difference

Teacher reading to kids

When it comes to teachers, our standards are as high as yours. At Childtime, child care and education are provided by highly trained, dedicated teachers and staff who encourage your child’s natural curiosity and wonder within a safe, home-like environment.

It’s the perfect place for children to play, laugh, and discover.

All our teachers have a deep understanding of the Reggio Emilia philosophy of learning, an approach that creates a nurturing environment for your child’s development. Teachers plan activities based on the unique needs and interests of children in their class. And our low student-to-teacher ratio means more personal attention to your child’s needs and skill levels.

At Childtime, you’ll find a building filled with educators dedicated to the growth of your child.

Our Classrooms – Places for Exploration and Discovery

Every child wants to explore. At Childtime, we encourage it. That’s why we’ve developed classroom environments where children feel safe and free to explore and discover.

In Childtime’s home-like surroundings, special interest areas feature engaging and interesting materials. Children will use their bodies, senses, and emerging problem-solving skills to learn and make sense of their world in meaningful ways.

Clean Spaces

Cleanliness is imperative to us, so we take significant precautions to prevent the spread of germs.

  • In the infant areas, all teachers and staff wear booties to limit outside germs.
  • All spaces that children come in contact with are regularly disinfected.
  • All the children’s toys are disinfected on a regular basis.

Safety & Security – Our Top Priority

Providing a safe and secure child care environment is our No. 1 priority. It’s as simple as that. We make every effort to keep your child safe, happy, and healthy.

Each Childtime location has a set of safety and security procedures and standards that are strictly enforced, including:

  • Secure lobby and classrooms. Every entrance is equipped with an electronic lock. All parents must know the PIN number, while all visitors are greeted at the door to sign in and be assisted.
  • Visitor precautions. Photo ID is required from all unfamiliar visitors. A visitor listed as authorized to pick up a child must still show photo ID if they are not familiar to the school director and/or assistant director.
  • Equipment safety. Some of our many precautions include child-sized tables that are “non-tippable” and regular monitoring to ensure equipment is in good working order.

Nutrition – Healthy Choices for Growing Kids

Menus include a variety of foods which meet daily nutritional needs for young children and satisfy licensing requirements. When substitutions are necessary, we’ll maintain the nutritional content of the overall menu. Substitutions will be posted to keep you apprised of what’s been served.

Meals are served family style and may include your child assisting in areas such as:

  • Table setting
  • Food serving
  • Cleaning up

View the sample weekly menu that offers examples of the healthy options offered for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack at our schools.

We encourage children to sample new foods and taste what’s being served; however, we cannot require children to eat or in any way punish them if they choose not to eat all foods served. Please speak with your school director if you have specific concerns because of:

  • Religious reasons
  • Special dietary needs
  • Allergies or other considerations

Childtime. Nurturing in every way.