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To learn about the specific tuition rates for your local school and programs, contact a Child Care Resource Advisor at 877.624.2602.

Comparing Childtime’s Tuition Rates to In-home Care

Because we recognize the impact of daycare on your family’s finances, we do everything in our power to provide the best value. We’re proud to offer a superior educational program that combines experienced educators, a carefully constructed physical environment, and a curriculum that is specifically designed to optimize the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of the children in our care.

While our tuition is very competitive with other well-known regional and national child care providers, our prices are typically higher than in-home care.

  • Our teachers are highly trained and qualified
  • We develop and maintain a specialized course of study for each age group to optimize your child’s education
  • We adhere to strict licensing requirements (building integrity and cleanliness, teacher-to-child ratio, dietary guidelines, curriculum, etc.) that add to the care and education every child receives, but require additional expenditures to meet
  • For your convenience we accept multiple forms of payment, which result in different processing costs

Tuition Rates by Geography and Program

We take many factors into consideration in order to determine the lowest price possible for your child.

  • The cost of doing business is lower in some states. To make sure those savings are passed along to you, we take into account where you live
  • How you choose to pay is also a consideration. We accept a number of different forms of payment, which involve different processing costs
  • Each school offers a variety of programs by age and many offer part-time care options as well — which program you choose must also be considered when determining your cost

Contact Us to Learn More

Speak with our expert Child Care Resource Advisors at 877.624.2602 to learn how Childtime can provide the best financial and educational value for your family. If you would like one of our Child Care Resource Advisors to call you, you can search for a Childtime location near you and schedule a tour online.

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