Your Feedback Can Help!

Your opinion matters to Childtime — and to other families like yours, who are looking for the best educational environment for their child. If you’d like to tell others about your experience and help us continue to make valuable connections with new families, please share your thoughts by writing a review about Childtime on Google.

Step 1: Go to Google Maps

Step 2: Find Your School
Type in Childtime followed by the name of the city/town where your school is located (the more specific the address the better).
For example, enter the search query, "Childtime Dallas, TX"

Step 3: Write Your Review
Click the "Write A Review" button on your school’s page and write your review. Follow the prompts to sign in and write a review.

And as always, if you’d prefer to share your experience directly with a representative of Childtime, we encourage you to connect with your School Director or speak with Customer Support by calling 877.624.2602.

Thank you for your feedback!

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