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Active Infants, Safe Spaces

There’s nothing more important to us than providing a secure environment where infants both are safe and feel safe. Our teachers form trusting bonds with infants through constant care and direct, warm interactions, while the entire Infant classroom is designed to be nurturing and to stimulate development and discovery in the most natural way.

That’s why the toys and materials in your baby’s classroom allow for freedom of movement within safe boundaries, so infants can:

  • engage their natural curiosity.
  • explore their surroundings.
  • develop their motor skills.

These materials engage all five senses and encourage the movement necessary for optimal physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. We’ve replaced items that may restrict movement to keep infants engaged, stimulated, and learning throughout the day.

Engaging Materials

Our exclusive Learn from the Start Infant program puts everything teachers need to support infant development at their fingertips so they can stay by your baby’s side. The program informs everything we do in the classroom and inspires the selection of these materials, such as:

  • Sensory Pool: This cozy little space allows infants to move around freely—as they play with toys and engage with teachers—while keeping them safe and engaged.
  • Sensory Mats: When crawling over the waves or ridges of the sensory mat, infants are strengthening different muscles, working on hand-eye coordination and gross motor development, spatial awareness, problem-solving, and more.
  • Activity Gym: These spaces stimulate growth and development. Infants work on small and large motor skills as they kick, stretch, and manipulate objects around them.

Plus, with a ratio of no more than 1:4, your child’s teacher is providing ample one-on-one time, greater interaction, and direct involvement with your child’s developmental activities.

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