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A curiously fun summer.

Adventurers welcome.

Give your child a summer brimming with adventure, excitement, and new experiences. Our summer camps are packed with awesome field trips, educational visitors, special projects, and more! This summer, our new themed experiences include:

  • Zip Code Camp: What’s happening in your neighborhood? Learn what makes a community by exploring your city or town, including the library, police station, school, park, local stores, etc.
  • Center Stage Camp: Curtain up! Experience the different aspects of the performing arts through hands-on activities, such as plays, skits, acting out stories—even building sets and props.

Plus, who says bigger kids have all the fun? We’re proud to introduce our new Preschool and Pre-K camp, with activities and experiences designed for our 3- and 4-year-old campers, such as:

  • Down on the Farm: Discover life on the farm and learn about all the food we gather from farming through visits from farmers, hands-on planting activities, and then a Farm Feast celebration!
  • Movers and Shakers: Get moving, and get healthy, with this exciting exploration of exercise and fitness, complete with dance-based activities and games, visits from a personal trainer, and more.
  • Kindergarten Cadets: Is your little one going to kindergarten in the fall? This special experience for Pre-K children will get them excited about all the cool things coming their way in kindergarten.

Gear up: All campers receive a T-shirt, water bottle, and backpack for summer adventures!

As always, healthy meals and snacks provide necessary energy to engage, explore, and enjoy all the summer camp activities. Plus, educational experiences are provided daily, to ensure your little one's math, literacy, and other skills stay sharp.

Summer is also perfect for toddlers and 2-year-olds! Throughout June, July, and August, children will continue to learn and grow with fun themed activities and special guests.

Visit your local school today to learn more and register for this great program!

Note: Age range and programs may vary by school. Drawstring bag for school-age students only. See school for details.