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Why Start Young?

by Laura St. John | August 23, 2011 | Child Development

Top Reasons You Should Encourage Your Child to Learn to Use Technology

Positive uses of today’s technology can play a meaningful role in shaping your child’s future learning potential. Because a young child’s brain makes new connections each day, the experts at Discovery Kids Puterbugs share interesting information on why there is no better time to start introducing technology, effectively, as part of your child’s everyday world.

It’s the Window of Opportunity

Experiences at these young ages can create the foundation for children’s future learning potential. The brain of a young child is rapidly making new connections every day. Technology is a powerful tool because it engages the three main learning senses — sight, hearing and touch. By stimulating multiple senses in the learning process, you open up new pathways that can actually change the way the brain is wired. There is no better time to begin introducing technology, effectively, as part of their everyday world.

Healthy Habits Start Early

It’s as important as learning to brush your teeth. Many habits are formed at the youngest of ages. Don’t be fooled because your child is already navigating the computer. Just because most children can put the key in and turn the ignition doesn’t mean they are ready to drive. They need the proper training to navigate technology safely and understand the balance provided by other, active learning tools.

It’s Their Future

As the technology revolution continues to unfold and digital learning becomes a reality, children must have a technological foundation and understand how to use the computer as a tool, not just a toy. This essential training will teach children to apply skills as technology changes. Unlike past generations who had to learn technology on the fly as it emerged, kids today are born into a digital world that involves an entirely new skill set that didn’t exist before.

Teach your child to apply the powerful uses of today’s technology in meaningful ways.

Your Friends @ Discovery Kids Puterbugs

The leaders in technology education at Imagine Tomorrow have teamed up with the experts at Discovery Kids to bring your child Puterbugs, a fascinating way for young children to learn to apply the powerful uses of today’s technology in fun and meaningful ways. To learn more of Childtime’s partnership with Discovery Kids Puterbugs, we encourage you to talk to your school’s Director or visit http://www.imaginetomorrow.com/ct.