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Celebrate Mom with These Crafty Creations

by Learning Care Group | April 18, 2013 | Learning Activities

making crafts with kidsSpend time with your little ones having fun and creating these simple Mother’s Day gifts, from Kaboose.com and Spoonful.com*:

  • Transform a plain paper plate into a delightful card for Mom.
  • Use craft sticks, glue, and colorful beads to create a jewelry box Mom or Grandma will love.
  • These adorable Mom ‘n’ Me Wooden Spoon Dolls are easy and fun to create.
  • Create a bouquet of Photo Flowers that won’t ever wilt and features your child’s beautiful smiling face – a keepsake you will cherish!
  • Kids love making crafts with pasta! This Pasta Heart Plate is very simple to make and requires very few materials.
  • In addition to holding flowers, this Fingerprint Vase will act as a keepsake since it’s decorated with your child’s fingerprints.

*While we found these ideas helpful, we cannot attest to the contents or validity of these websites.