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My Fave Mom Moments Are The Silly Ones

by Dr. Heather Wittenberg | May 20, 2013 | sites | Work/Life Balance

Being a Mom is challenging. Up-all-night-on-barf-patrol, breaking-up-sibling-squabbles, finding-a-bathroom-for-a-potty-training-toddler – challenging. Being a Mom is also miraculous – baby’s-sweet smile, first-steps, watching-them-sleep miraculous. But the Mom moments that keep me going during long, challenging days are the silly ones.

I was having one of those challenging days. It started out with an important meeting around a big conference table – and I needed a pen. After rummaging around in the black hole of my purse/diaper bag, I pulled out a half-eaten baggie of crackers, a couple of broken crayons, a diaper (unused, thank goodness), and not one, but TWO sippy cups – and finally found my pen. The day went downhill from there, and I needed a laugh.

So I opened up my Kid-Speak Diary – the spiral notebook I keep stashed in the laundry room – to remind me of the silly things my children have said over the years. If you haven’t started recording the hilarious things your kiddos say, start now. It doesn’t matter if you use a paper notebook or the new fancy app on your smartphone, but I PROMISE you’ll be grateful for taking the time to jot these sayings down. Because as they get past the age of 7 or 8, your children will start sounding much more like people, and a lot less like little kids. You don’t want to let this phase pass you by.

Here are some fave entries from my Kid-Speak Diary:

  • “Oh my goodness, oh my sakes, oh my chocolate cakes!” (My 4-year-old’s reaction to her birthday cake)
  • “Mom, can you just type in www.WhereIsThatIceCreamTruck.com?” (My 5-year-old’s suggested solution to finding the long-awaited ice cream truck)
  • “My head grows on top of my body, so I can see better that way.” (Can’t argue with my 3-year-old’s observation, I guess)
  • And the comment that melted the heart of this mom/psychologist: “Mommy, let’s hab a combersation.”

My oldest child just turned 12, and my other children are 10, 7 and 3 – so the days of finding sippy cups in my purse will be ending soon. But my Kid-Speak Diary will give me a giggle for years to come.

What silly moments keep you laughing? Tell us in a comment below.