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The Long-Term Benefits of an Intentional Curriculum

by Dr. Susan Canizares | August 26, 2015 | Child Development | Early Education & Literacy | Kindergarten Readiness

Intentional Curriculum in Early Childhood Education

As children grow, the skills they need to learn and develop change. Normal developmental growth frequently involves children taking on and practicing milestones or challenges until they master them. But it’s also important for children to positively embrace learning, and that begins with a strong start in early childhood, that will lead to success in elementary school and beyond.

Research tells us that an intentional curriculum, driven by intentional planning, will enhance a child’s learning potential. When the teaching philosophy, curriculum, and assessment practices are aligned across the early learning years, beginning at infancy, children’s learning and development are the direct beneficiaries. The Cycle of Intentional Planning in effective learning environments is as follows:

  • Teachers observe children to track and document what they are learning.
  • Teachers use tracking forms to document assessments.
  • Teachers create intentional lesson plans, selecting age-appropriate activities based on what the children are ready to learn.
  • Teachers implement intentionally planned activities and continue to document what children are learning and thus, the cycle continues.

We provide a seamless curriculum pathway that flows with the children throughout their early learning experiences. Every classroom along the way is a supportive environment where teachers plan purposefully, with goals in mind for each child, based on their individual developmental needs. An intentional curriculum is designed by utilizing assessment data and paying particular attention to specific learning indicators of what children are ready to learn next.

High-quality early childhood development and learning has a profound, lasting influence on student achievement and life outcomes. Our proprietary curricula, from infants to school-age children, are aligned to provide a seamless educational path that accomplishes this goal.