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Our Blog: October 15, 2013

Success in School Starts With Literacy Education

As early childhood educators, it’s our goal to provide children with skills for success in school and beyond, and it all starts with learning literacy at an early age. When making the transition from early childhood to kindergarten, children who are exposed to literacy education early are more engaged and ultimately more prepared for lifelong learning.

In our schools, we believe literacy education should be a part of every classroom, which is why we’re making strides to help prepare our students from an early age. In our Pre-K classrooms, for example, we’ve introduced the Focus on Literacy! kit to help guide teachers in developing literacy-rich curriculums.

This comprehensive teaching kit is the perfect tool to assist our teachers in providing an effective and encompassing path to literacy and school readiness for all Pre-K students. This kit is part of our proprietary curriculum, so it’s unique to our schools. The best practices inside are research-based and constructed by early childhood education experts. The Focus on Literacy! kit is one of the things that puts our schools at the forefront of the efforts of schools everywhere are making to prepare children for college and careers right from the start. We are focused on providing additional thought leadership efforts through partnerships with school districts across the country.

Teachers in our schools are using this kit to develop curriculums that highlight specific literacy fundamentals such as Phonological Awareness (“hearing” words as sounds while reading), Vocabulary Development (understanding the meaning of words), Alphabet Knowledge (identifying letters and their sounds), and Print Awareness (recognizing written letters and words as symbols for sounds). These “Building Blocks” are complete with in-class exercises and tips for our teachers to develop their own unique lessons.

We’ve introduced the kits for our Pre-K classrooms, but it’s just the beginning of our efforts to assist children through the School Readiness Pathway. To find out more about how the Focus on Literacy! kit is being used in our classrooms, and how you can help reinforce skills taught in school, talk to your school’s director or get started by finding a school near you. Stay tuned to our blog and our Facebook page for many more exciting developments in our schools to support early childhood education and lifelong success! – Dr. Susan Canizares

About the Author

Dr. Susan Canizares

Dr. Susan Canizares is the Chief Academic Officer at Learning Care Group, responsible for leading all aspects of the educational mission. Dr. Canizares earned her Ph.D. in language and literacy development from Fordham University and a master’s degree in special education, specializing in Early Childhood, from New York University. She has authored more than 100 nonfiction photographic titles for beginning readers. Some of her published credits include Side by Side Series: Little Raccoon Catches a Cold and A Writer’s Garden.