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What to Expect on Your Tour

School tours typically take at least 30 minutes. Here are some snapshots of the kinds of things you’ll learn about during your tour. You can also prepare for your visit by reviewing our School Comparison Checklist.

Our Schools
& Classrooms

Learn how our small classroom size and a low student-to-teacher ratio support your child’s growth. Also experience firsthand how room designs promote inquisitiveness and engagement.

Your Child's

Come meet our highly skilled staff! All teachers are state-certified and extensively trained in standards and curriculum. Plus, they all love what they do and are available to answer any questions during your visit—just ask!

Pricing &
Enrollment Process

During your tour, our staff will provide tailored tuition information that fits your unique child care needs. Afterward, just register with the school to enroll and complete an Enrollment Packet. Joining our family is easy!

& Curriculum

Discover how our holistic approach to your child’s development helps them reach their fullest potential. Explore firsthand the visual displays we use to chart and document our children learning.

& First Day

We make the acclimation process welcoming and worry-free. During your visit, learn about classroom tours, our daily routines, and how we use photos to help you stay connected.

& Security

Learn about our strictly enforced security procedures. From secure lobbies and classrooms, PIN number entries and photo IDs, we ensure your child’s safety each and every day.

Physical Activity
& Healthy Living

You know kids have lots of energy, so physical activity is integral to our day. Join us and learn more about our Grow Fit® initiative, a comprehensive program that follows the Let’s Move! guidelines for daily physical activity.

& Meals

Come see how we help pave the way for a lifetime of healthy habits and discover how our Grow Fit® initiative, a partnership with the national Let’s Move! Program, meets required standards and encourages healthy meals and snacks.

Explore Childtime Before Your Tour

See a slice of daily life at Childtime! These short videos offer a glimpse at the environment, programs, and experiences you’ll find at our school.

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