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Our Nurturing Educators

teacher sitting with kids on her lap reading a bookAt Childtime, we want your child to feel nurtured and appreciated. One of the best ways we know to do that is to make sure our educators feel the same way. We provide ample opportunity for skill development and career guidance. By reaching their fullest potential, our educators are empowered to provide a high-quality early education experience for every child in our schools.

Childtime’s Learning Management System: Our educators receive regular online training to stay current on child development issues and best practices in the classroom.

Child Development Associate Credential (CDA): As a partner of the Council for Professional Recognition, we offer a CDA Preparation Program, that guides our educators on their path to receiving this nationally recognized credential, which makes them certified education rock stars.

Master Teacher Program: Teachers who have received their CDA have the opportunity to further their development in our Master Teacher Program. With advanced courses in child development, assessment, and implementation of curriculum, this training program enables our teachers to master the art of education and to then mentor upcoming teachers.

School Education Manager Program: Where do you think curriculum experts come from? They come from this program. With continuing professional development focused on observing and evaluation classrooms, our School Education Managers (SEMs) grow to become experienced coaches and mentors to their fellow teachers—ensuring a high-quality educational experience for the children in all our programs.

Our Curriculum

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, our curriculum is founded on the idea that children learn through collaborative environments and strong connections.

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Positive Behavior Support

When children exhibit challenging behavior in our classrooms, our teachers are prepared to create a development opportunity and engage children with positive learning experiences, through research-based methods and strategies.

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