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Private Kindergarten Program

A Nurturing Academic Experience

Uncertain about what’s happening this fall in your school district? Will your child’s kindergarten year be impacted by potential changes? We’re here for you.

Private Kindergarten offers five full days of in-classroom learning, featuring nationally recognized kindergarten curriculum, to prepare your child for first grade. Our low teacher-to-student ratio means more opportunity for dedicated attention, with a focus on:

  • Independent reading
  • Writing to communicate ideas
  • Number knowledge, operations, measuring, and geometry  
  • Using the scientific method to study the world

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Comprehensive Curriculum and Knowledge Areas

In a small classroom setting, children receive personalized attention from our state-certified teacher. Using nationally recognized, research-based curricula, our program provides a strong foundation for your child to move on to first grade the next school year. The program offers a variety of experiences, such as independent study opportunities and planned, teacher-led instruction. Children’s progress is monitored and recorded across five important knowledge areas, in order to ensure their readiness to enter first grade. 


Language & Literacy

Independent work or group instruction (small and large) are used to explore important concepts such as letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and literacy comprehension. Children learn what story concepts are; how words are created; learn to express their ideas and develop their own writing; learn how print works, and expand their vocabulary.



Math instruction takes five different forms in this classroom: whole group instruction; collaborative learning; small group instruction; adaptive learning; and independent practice. Math concepts are represented by real-life situations, so students can practically apply mathematical thinking and develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Social Studies

Everyone has a story. Students will explore personal experiences, family stories, and traditions. Our focus includes helping children to understand the world they live in, understand the concepts of time and place, and to show respect for others.



Your child will learn to understand the scientific method; observe local weather conditions; describe patterns over time; discover animals, plants, and the environment; and investigate strengths, directions, and their effects.


Self-Help & Social Skills

To be school-ready, we work with children to help them learn how to hold a pencil with a proper grip; use scissors to cut pre-formed shapes; follow directions; work independently; ask for help as needed; recognize and follow classroom routines and procedures; independently attend to personal care; understand another’s point of view; show conflict resolution skills; and respect the rights of all others.

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Health and Safety

We provide peace of mind to all of our families through comprehensive security and safety procedures and measures. That’s to protect the most important part of our school—your child.

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Our exclusive family communications is designed to keep you in the know and ready to grow! Get access to live streaming video, real-time updates about your child’s day, direct messaging, and much, much more.

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