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Before & After School Clubhouse

An Awesome Way to Start and End Your Day

before and after school careYour child will love the fun and educational mornings and afternoons at Childtime. Our clubs are cooperative, interactive, and socially engaging. There are five before- and after-school clubs:

Before School

Kick-Off Club
Children get prepared for dynamic school days through a practiced morning routine that refines their daily goals and achievements.

After School

Challenge Club
We encourage collaboration and self-awareness through a mix of team-building games, student-led activities, and large-group experiences.

GrowFit Club
Kids stay healthy and fit through physical challenges, large motor activities, and team-building games.

Homework Club
Organization, responsibility, and self-awareness are encouraged in this structured, supportive environment for doing homework.

Community Club
Students consider things that are important to them and their community, then develop long-term projects around them.

Check with your director about details and clubs available in your school, as well as possible transportation to/from your elementary school.

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