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Elective Programs

Meaningful Ways to Grow and Learn

Childtime offers electives that combine small group settings and playful, creative exploration.

Our extracurricular programs, for a range of ages, will enrich your child’s educational journey and build free time into your family’s schedule.

Enjoy programs including:

GrowFit Yoga It’s no stretch to say yoga is great! Children learn simple yoga poses and collaborative games in this program, while developing healthy bodies, minds, and communities.

Spotlight on Spanish From an early age, children have a great ability to learn more than one language. Through this creative, fun program, they develop conversational Spanish with stories, songs, and games.

Elective-SoccerSoccer techniques, crucial motor skills, and collaboration are all developed in this program. On the field and off, the skills in this program will make children better teammates and friends.

Preschool Prodigies Sing out! Engaging video lessons about music explore simple, fun musical concepts to introduce children to singing and even playing musical instruments.



Contact your school director for detailed information about all the programs your school has to offer.

Note: Some programs dependent on minimum enrollment requirements. See school for details.

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