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Toddlers Program

Energy and Excitement at Childtime

These energetic little ones are growing and learning, so we channel their energy into positive learning moments by giving them ample room to move and explore. Here, toddlers receive encouragement and guidance toward the growth of their physical skills and emerging milestones:

  • Stimulating classroom environments
  • Exclusive milestone-based curriculum
  • Immersive learning experiences
  • Educational toys and activities

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Curriculum & Milestones

Our exclusive milestone-based curriculum, Learn from the Start, specifically addresses the developmental needs of growing toddlers. Achievement is observed in five main developmental areas.


Approaches to Learning

Toddlers become independent through exploration and understanding of their surroundings, as well as the development of problem-solving abilities.


Cognitive Development

As they begin to comprehend the world around them, toddlers begin to develop creative and critical thinking skills.


Language Development

Effective communication abilities are strengthened as toddlers begin to use sounds, expressions, body language, and finally, oral and written language, in addition to responding to and understanding others.


Physical Development

As they learn to coordinate and control gross and fine muscle movements, toddlers also build an understanding of health and safety concepts.


Social-Emotional Development

Here, toddlers develop an understanding of their own feelings and relationship with people like family, friends, and community members; they also increase their ability to interact with others and develop self-awareness.

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Health and Safety

We provide peace of mind to all of our families through comprehensive security and safety procedures and measures. That’s to protect the most important part of our school—your child.

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Our exclusive family communications is designed to keep you in the know and ready to grow! Get access to live streaming video, real-time updates about your child’s day, direct messaging, and much, much more.

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