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Our Blog: April 25, 2022

New Grow Fit Spring-Summer Menu for 2022

Spring-Summer Menus

Spring is here! As the seasons change, so do our menus. During the month of April, your child’s school transitioned to this year’s Spring-Summer Menu.


In the Spring-Summer menu, you’ll see two new products from Simple Good Foods. Apple Zucchini Muffins will be an option for breakfast and snack time and Alphabet Vanilla Crackers will only be available during snack times. We're confident that your children will love both new items! We hope that your children will be inspired to try our new items and excited for some of their all-time favorites returning to the menu. We’re bringing back the Black Bean Pasta Bake and the Macaroni and Turkey Ham Salad. Additionally, we are featuring two new recipes: the Heart Healthy - Chicken and Cheese Burritos, and the Hearth Healthy - Turkey Taco Potato Skins. The final new recipe added for Spring/Summer is a Cheeseburger Macaroni-yum


We will also be continuing with the international movement of Meatless Mondays! Going meatless once per week is not only good for your health, but it’s also good for our planet. It helps by limiting our carbon footprint and saving precious resources such as water and fossil fuel.  


Currently only 10% of American children eat the recommended servings of vegetables each day. We are continuing our commitment to Partnership for a Healthier America and the “Veggies Early and Often” campaign, you will continue to see two vegetables served at lunch on Fridays for our “Veggie Fueled Friday” lunches. Additionally, there will be vegetable offerings on the menu during breakfast and snack time. You will see these indicated on the menu with the Veggie Early & Often campaign icon. We hope that by offering veggie forward options throughout the week, we will help your children establish a love of vegetables at a young age. To learn more about the Veggies: Early & Often campaign and how to get involved at home check out the campaign website.