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Health and Safety

Committed to wellness.

Here at Childtime, we’re proud to provide children with a learning environment that’s safe, welcoming, and fun. From entry procedures to equipment checks, from head counts to cameras, we work tirelessly to keep every child safe, every day. It all starts at the front door: School access is restricted, so only authorized individuals with identification may enter our secure doors. 

Watching Closely

Cameras enable comprehensive monitoring of the school environment, offering peace of mind. A multi-room display in the school lobby presents a live, real-time, closed-circuit feed of classrooms, playgrounds, lobby entrances, and exits. We view this feature as an extension of our open-door policy and commitment to transparency. It demonstrates our confidence in our outstanding team of employees and the high level of care provided.

Keeping Small Ones Safe

Infants, toddlers, and 2-year-olds are given a primary caregiver, to ensure consistent attention and a strengthened teacher-child bond. The staff works with parents to create a carefully defined care plan—one that’s updated and reviewed twice per year. For infants, diaper changes are done at regular intervals.

Sleeping Safely

Lights are never turned off during naptime. All teachers practice both visual contact and active listening. In cots and cribs, age-appropriate bedding is always used. Up to age 2, every baby is put on their backs for sleeping and teachers continually conduct regular checks on children who are napping.

Health and Cleanliness

Excellent hand washing practices prevent germ-spreading. We always monitor children for signs of illness and immediately notify parents if their child is unwell, which also stops the spread of illness. Classrooms are regularly cleaned and disinfected with child-safe products.

Food Safety

All food from our Grow Fit menu (not including infant cereal or jarred food) must be prepared in the kitchen to appropriate size for the age group being served. During meal and snack times, all children must be supervised by a staff member seated at the same (or a nearby) table. Our menu is planned by a registered dietitian to ensure your child is eating a well-balanced nutritious diet while at school.

Playgrounds and Toys

We consistently disinfect toys and inspect them for broken pieces or loose parts. For little ones under 3, we look for choking hazards. All our playground areas are surrounded by secure fences, and safely designed fall zones prevent playground injuries. 

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