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Nurturing Positive Behavior

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Young children sometimes exhibit challenging behaviors such as aggression, hurtful words, or defiance. This happens because children haven’t yet learned the crucial social, emotional, language, and cognitive skills that lead to positive behavior.

At Childtime, we believe these instances of challenging behaviors are learning opportunities. We provide our teachers with tools and resources for Positive Behavior Support.

myPathOur proprietary myPath® app offers ideas and plans to help children practice positive behavior—in the classroom and in life.

Using myPath in the Classroom

  • myPath offers more than 1,000 age-appropriate strategies for teachers to help children develop social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills and behave in positive ways.
  • myPath is backed up by current and trusted research about the social-emotional development of today’s children.
  • With myPath, teachers have specific, targeted strategies at their fingertips, for dealing directly with a child’s particular behavioral or developmental need.
  • myPath also offers thoughtful, innovative strategies to encourage positive behaviors in children throughout the entire school day.

Our Curriculum

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, our curriculum is founded on the idea that children learn through collaborative environments and strong connections.

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Educating at Childtime

Our warm, nurturing educators are all passionate, highly experienced, and highly responsive, so you know your child is getting the best education possible.

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