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Education for 2-Year-Olds

Independent Learning at Childtime

A mobile, energetic 2-year-old enjoys the entire world as their playground. We’ve put together a unique educational approach that focuses their enthusiasm into opportunities for development, growth, and achievement. Here, 2-year-olds enjoy:

  • Exclusive milestone-based curriculum
  • Interactive, tactile learning experiences
  • Stimulating material environments

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Curriculum & Milestones

Milestone development in this program for 2-year-olds continues to be guided by our Learn from the Start™ curriculum, but the learning experiences are designed to meet the specific needs of this very mobile age group. Our focus is on achievement in five developmental areas.


Approaches to Learning

Increasing independence through world exploration and problem-solving abilities.


Cognitive Development

Building an understanding of the world around them, while they practice thinking critically and creatively.


Language Development

Effective communication abilities are developing as these 2-year-olds use sounds, expressions, body language, and eventually, oral and written language while responding to and understanding others.


Physical Development

These 2-year-olds practice coordinating and controlling large and small muscle movements, while they build an understanding of health and safety concepts.


Social-Emotional Development

Developing and understanding of their own emotions and their relationships with others, like family, friends, and community members, as well as understanding how to interact with others while developing self-awareness.

Education for 2-Year-OldsExplore Our Other Programs:

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Health and Safety

We provide peace of mind to all of our families through comprehensive security and safety procedures and measures. That’s to protect the most important part of our school—your child.

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See For Yourself

The best way to experience the magic of Childtime learning is to see it firsthand with a guided tour. We’re excited to meet you and your family.

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