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What Families Are Saying About Childtime Daycare in Duluth, GA

What Families Are Saying

What do families just like yours think of Childtime? Many of our families have taken the time to share their honest thoughts on every aspect of the Childtime experience. The following comments from real Childtime families will give you some idea. To get an even broader perspective on Childtime, check us out on independent forums like Google and Yelp.

“For weeks, I called and visited different daycares. Almost every daycare I went to, my daughter would cry not wanting to stay there. Then I found Ms. Heather at Childtime in Duluth. She was polite and just all around wonderful. She answered all of my questions before I had left the building, which I thought was great. After meeting Ms. Heather, my daughter started walking around the facility and seemed to like it. Ms. Heather accepted my daughter into her school and she was able to start school within a day. Thank you to all of the Childtime staff for being a joy, doing an awesome job at teaching, and just being you.”
Florence S.
Duluth, GA
“This is by far the BEST daycare center I've encountered. My daughter started attending Childtime in 2009 and since then, she's developed so much both educationally and socially. The management staff is amazing, communicates very well and is always available to assist. The teachers at the facility have hearts of gold and a true commitment to children! I now have a son and he attends, as well. Any parent in the area - you'll be thoroughly pleased when enrolling your child.”
Kamisha G.
Duluth, GA
“My children started going to Childtime in August of 2011 when we moved to the area. I knew from the onsite visit that this place would be a great place for my toddler and third grader. The director is very hands on and responsive to any questions or concerns I might have. And the teachers/staff are just as responsive and always pleasant (even if there are a few children screaming in the room). I have had my children in several daycare facilities, thanks to moves and changes of jobs, and Childtime is one of the best ones I have had them in.”
Heather B.
Duluth, GA
“My experience with Childtime has been marvelous! The staff is very professional and in tune with my children. I can go to work knowing that my children are being well taken care of.”
Toni T.
Duluth, GA
“My two-year-old son started attending Childtime in 2011. The daycare he previously attended stated he was slow and should be tested for speech because he did not talk. My son talks at home but for some reason he would not interact with the staff at that daycare. I asked my co-worker where her two sons attended daycare and she referred me to Childtime. I made an appointment to meet with the director and she was very informative during the tour of the daycare facilities. Since attending this daycare, he has never cried when I left him as I headed to work. When I pick him up he is smiling and tells the staff bye-bye. Thank you, Childtime, for being the company that you are.”
Missy M.
Duluth, GA
“I have a 2 year old who attends this school, and we absolutely love it! We actually followed the director from another Childtime because she's so sweet and accommodating. She's very caring and nurturing, and you can tell she really likes working with children. My daughter adores her.”
Keidra D
Duluth, GA
“Love this school! The director has treated my 1 year old like her own since she was in the infant room. She gives all the babies and children one-on-one time and gets to know them. She personally looks out for their safety and well-being. We are lucky to have her.”
Donna N
Duluth, GA
“The leadership and staff at Childtime in Duluth make the environment for my sons energized, enlightened and educational. It's a friendly atmosphere filled with laughter and fun. Most importantly as a parent, it's a place I trust.”
Amba G
Duluth, GA
“My daughter is currently attending Private Pre-K and she has 2 outstanding teachers who I can see are making sure my daughter will be ready for her next journey. I'm really impressed with all the knowledge that she is learning from her teachers.”
Joanna H
Duluth, GA

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