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Our Blog: August 28, 2015

Meet Our Childtime Staff – Miss Natalie, Program Assistant Director

Childtime StaffMiss Natalie, Program Assistant Director at our Oviedo, FL location, has an 11-year tenure at Childtime. She started as a part time teacher and worked her way up to her current position, which she has been in for just more than a year. Along with her Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees in child care management, she also has a bachelor’s degree in business management, staff credentials and director’s credential. Read on to learn about Miss Natalie’s passion for early education, her daily duties and more!


Why did you decide on a career in early childhood education?

My mom had her own child care center, and just watching her, I developed a passion for it.

Why is working in early childhood education so rewarding?

You get to see the growth of the children from the time they come in until they’re getting ready to go off to kindergarten. You get to encourage them on a daily basis, so that’s pretty awesome. I love to empower children.

Why do you think an early start to education is so important?

It’s important because it’s a fundamental stepping stone that they need to build connections for life. You learn from your environment, but the teacher helps bring that full circle to you and to make those connections.

What’s your favorite accomplishment since being at Childtime?

My favorite accomplishment has been building a rapport with families, because they come back here. You see former children have children that they bring to our center.

What’s your favorite book to read to your students?

Pete the Cat. They really love that. And I dressed up as Pete the Cat for Halloween last year!

What does your typical day look like?

I come in, open the building and get the programs started. I communicate with parents and greet the children and make sure teachers have everything ready to go and that their classrooms are all set up. From there on, I’m a busy, busy bee! Mentoring, coaching, building relationships with the parents and families…

What are you most proud of, in terms of your career here at Childtime?

Seeing myself grow from being a teacher to now being a Program Assistant Director. That’s pretty cool. And having parents come back and say ‘Oh, you’re a Program Assistant Director now? Cool!’