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Our Blog: January 21, 2016

Meet Our Childtime Staff – Ms. Lin, Four Year Old Classroom Lead Teacher

CIMG3068Ms. Lin is lead teacher in the four year old classroom at our Childtime location in Ankeny, IA. She has been working in early education for 32 years – seven of those with Childtime. Read our Q&A to learn more about her passion for early education and why after three decades on the job, she continues to wake up each morning excited to teach little ones!


What do you enjoy about teaching four-year-old students?

They’re really eager to learn. So eager to learn.

In your opinion, why are early education programs so important?

It’s so important to get their minds developed as early as possible, just because of the [demands of the] school system. Students are with each other from 7 a.m. until when I leave at 4 p.m., so once they enter kindergarten, they don’t have to worry about developing social skills because they already have them. Learning how to share, learning how to follow rules, sitting down and being still. Those types of things. It makes entering kindergarten so much easier.

What do you love about working at Childtime?

I’ve been here for these years because I just love pleasing my children and my families. I work in the front of the building, so everybody that walks in the front door is in my room. And I take a

What is your relationship like with your students’ parents? How do you communicate with them?

My goal is to gain the children’s trust first. And once you have that trust, you can just run like lightning with them. As long as the children trust you, the parents are going to trust you. I write a daily sheet every day for my parents and I highlight one specific thing that we accomplished for that day.

How do you explain our curriculum to families?

I show them my lesson plan. I tell them that I work on all of the 42 skills that they need to know before they enter kindergarten in our district. Our curriculum is pretty awesome. I really do have a lot to say about it and I think it helps in many ways.

What has it been like to be involved in early education for more than 30 years?

I just love it. I get up every morning looking forward to coming to work. It just gives me a rush, it really does. It’s something I truly enjoy. I’m very comfortable here – I feel like we’re a family.