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Our Blog: February 26, 2016

Meet Our Childtime Staff – Ms. Kaitlin, Lead Teacher in the 2-Year-Old Classroom


Ms. Kaitlin is the fabulous Lead Teacher in the Two-Year-Old Classroom at our location in Chesterfield, MI! She has worked at the center for two and a half years and is currently working to obtain her associate’s degree in early childhood education. Read our Q&A with Ms. Kaitlin to learn more about her and why she knows teaching little ones is her true calling in life!


Tell us a little bit about your background in early education.

Currently, I’m working to obtain my associate’s degree from Baker College in early childhood education. Before working at Childtime I worked at several at-home daycare centers. I was also a part of the Teens for Tots program at our local high school where I worked with preschoolers as part of the curriculum.

Why did you choose this career path?

Honestly, it was the kids. Even when I was younger, I was trying to play the mother to every single little cousin of mine. It’s always been me. I’ve always been drawn to helping younger children.

What’s it like teaching two-year-olds?

Honestly, they’re so fun at this age. They’re at the point where they’re fully talking now and some of the things they say just completely catch you off guard. They completely crack me up all day long. And just watching them once they learn something and grasp a new idea or concept – when their light bulb goes off and they have that “aha!” moment – it just melts my heart.

Can you walk us through your typical day?

Normally we start off our day around 8:00 a.m. We have breakfast and after that we have our circle time for about half an hour. Then we go into our small group experiences. From there we go into the child-led centers where I let them pick which centers they’d like open and I make sure they have an experience at each of them. Then we have lunch and then from lunch is nap time. After that we have our snack and do a mini circle time. Then we have a story time and from there we have other small centers I’ll set up. It’s really child-led. And from there it’s pick up.

Why do you feel early education is so important for young children?

When they’re this young, they’re like sponges. They learn constantly. So if you put them into a program where they’re learning, they’re more likely to succeed later on.

What’s your favorite accomplishment since being at Childtime?

When I made Lead Teacher. I was working in our Toddler 2 room before becoming Lead Teacher, and going from there to the next step was the moment for me where I knew I was doing what I was supposed to be doing and I knew this was where I was supposed to be.

How do you keep communication open between you and the parents?

All my parents, when they first enroll their child, I probably annoy them with how many times I tell them that any time they have questions, comments or concerns, to please come to me. I always tell them that 99% of the time I’m here in the building, so if you ever want to come in during the day, or if you have a moment before or after work, come and talk to me.

Overall, how would you describe the atmosphere at Childtime?

Everybody is looking out for everybody. It’s like our own little family here.