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Our Blog: May 24, 2016

Meet Our Childtime Staff – Ms. Rafah, Lead Teacher in the Infant 2 Classroom

IMG_0798Ms. Rafah is the Lead Teacher in the Infant 2 Classroom (10 to 18-month-olds) and has been working with the infants at our Farmington Hills, MI location for nearly 16 years! Read our Q&A with Ms. Rafah to learn more about her and how she transitions our littlest learners into curious toddlers.


What do you love so much about the Infant 2 classroom?

I enjoy this age group because when they come in my room, they just moved from the Infant 1 room, and a lot of them don’t walk and they’re not independent yet. I transition them to the toddler classroom. I help them get off the floor, take a step, walk. We all eat at the same time and we all nap at the same time. We’re on a schedule. It’s a big transition to them. I enjoy teaching them that. You’d be surprised how quickly they learn and how well they do by sticking to a routine.

How is it rewarding for you?

You don’t know how excited I get when there’s a child there that is so afraid to let go and take a step and be independent, and for me to give them the confidence to let go and walk. It’s very rewarding. It’s cute when you see them do it and I’m cheering and clapping.

How do you explain our curriculum to parents?

I let them know we play here, we have fun here, and we’re also learning through play. If I’m playing with blocks with these children, I’m also mentioning the colors, the sizes, how we use our fine motor skills to connect and take them apart. Some parents think it’s like babysitting, but that’s not the case. We do a lot with these children!

Can you explain some of the benefits of the infant program?

I know they pick up things. You’d be surprised. As soon as I pull my chair on the carpet for circle time, they come running. They all sit. To me, they are picking up the routine.  And I think they need to be around other children. They learn from each other.

What is your relationship like with the parents at your center?

I open the building every morning so I see my parents early in the morning when they drop off. I always give them the time and opportunity to discuss something. I assure them that I’m here for them. Communication to me is very important. I cannot tend to the children’s needs unless I get to know the parents, too. I’m here for them.  It’s an everyday communication.

What is your favorite part about working at Childtime?

I honestly enjoy the children. I love them. When you get to see that many children throughout the years, you see that some of them are now in high school, and that’s rewarding. It really is rewarding.