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Our Blog: June 23, 2016

Meet Our Childtime Staff – Ms. Gabby, Preschool Teacher

Gabriela PreciadoMeet Ms. Gabby, preschool teacher at our Childtime school in Garden Grove, CA. She took early education and curriculum classes through the Child Development and Educational Studies Department Lab School at Fullerton College which was where she truly learned that she was meant to be an early childhood educator. Read on to learn more about this amazing member of our Childtime team!


What is rewarding about teaching preschoolers every day?

Honestly, it goes all the way back to their love they have for me. I have that lasting impression on them. And it’s also the fact that I’m teaching them all these things that they’re going to carry into elementary school. I’m teaching them how to be a citizen of this community!

Can you take us through your typical day?

When I get here it’s usually the time parents are dropping off. Then it goes to breakfast time where we wash our hands and sit down and eat our breakfast. From breakfast they sit and read a book or do a quiet activity while we wait for all our friends to finish. Then it’s Circle Time where we learn about the days of the week, the months, our names, what they look like, our numbers, our shapes. After that we go into a small group activity. That’s where we’re making an art activity together or writing in our journals. From there, we go outside and then we come back in, we clean up, we wash our hands, get drinks of water, and then we read stories and dance a little bit before lunch time. After lunch we clean up, go to the restroom, wash our hands and faces and get ready for nap. After naptime we get up and we put all our stuff away in our cubbies and then we wash our hands and sit down for snack. We sing our snack song and after snack we usually have a little activity. They get to go to one of the learning centers we have. Then we go outside and that’s pretty much the end of our day! Moving constantly!

Why is it important to build a solid educational foundation early on in a child’s life?

Kindergarten has changed so much. The kids have to be able to count to 100, they have to be able to know and recognize their letters. If your kid’s not in a program like ours, then unfortunately, they can get left behind. In an elementary school, it’s really hard for them to get that one-on-one attention when there are so many kids. Preschool is definitely a benefit.

Do you have a favorite accomplishment since working at Childtime?

Just a few months in I was the Star of the Month! That was fun! Star of the Month is recognizing a staff member that’s doing a good job. You’re voted on by your other staff members, which is nice.

Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had with your students?

Every day is memorable. My kids always give me a hug, and I think that touches me every day because I know they love me and I love them!