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Our Blog: June 12, 2016

We’re Building Healthy Habits for a Healthy Future!

We’ve designed Grow Fit® to help pave the way for a lifetime of healthy habits. By encouraging balanced nutritional practices and physical activity in early childhood, we’re helping prevent chronic disease later in life. We’re targeting these goals to help build a generation of healthy children:

  • Physical Activity: 1-2 hours every day.
  • Screen Time: At school, no more than 30 minutes weekly. At home, 2 hours or less daily. (None for kids under 2.)
  • Food: More fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats, beans and legumes. Meals served family-style. Limited fried foods.
  • Beverages: Water, whenever. No sugar-sweetened drinks. For ages 2+: low-fat or nonfat milk. Just a little 100% juice – no more than 4-6 oz. per day.
  • Infant Feeding: We support all parents’ decisions about infant feeding. Breastfeeding moms can provide their milk to their infants and are welcome to breastfeed during school time.

We’re introducing our new, healthier food choices gradually, in fun-filled ways to build excitement [and acceptance!] as children experience new flavors. You’re welcome to sample our new offerings – which include Hawaiian chicken, turkey chili, pita chips with chickpea dip and much more! Check out your school’s menu and ask your director for details.

We plan to have this program fully under way as children head back-to-school this fall. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Grow Fit®, so stay tuned!

*Programs vary by school. See school for details.