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Our Blog: July 29, 2016

Meet Our Childtime Staff – Ms. Kelli, Lead Infant Teacher

Meet Ms. Kelli, the lead infant teacher at our Medford Township, NJ location! She has been with the company for nearly 20 years and has been working with our littlest learners for eight. Check out our Q&A to learn more about Ms. Kelli!


What do you love about working with infants each day?

Just interacting with them and learning new things. Every day is different with them.

How has it been rewarding to be involved in early education, especially with our youngest students?

It’s rewarding when I hear feedback from the parents that they’re comfortable leaving their infant here. It feels good to know that they trust me with their child and that they can leave them here all day.

How do you communicate with parents every day?

We have the PreciouStatus mobile app, so all day we’re uploading pictures and notes. Parents send us notes, too.

Typically, what goes on during your day in the infant room?

I open in the morning at 6:30 a.m. Every baby is on a different schedule so all their feedings, naptimes and diaper changes are all different. We do book time, activity time, and exploration on the floor. We let them roll around on the activity matts on the floor.

What is one of your favorite accomplishments since working here?

I feel accomplished having worked here for so long and still having the love for it.

How’s the team?

Oh, great! I’ve always gotten along with all the teachers. It’s a great group of girls.

What’s it like to watch your students grow up through the program?

It’s great. I’ve seen some of the kids graduate kindergarten and they’re reading and their social skills are phenomenal. Even when they leave our room and go to the toddler room, they’re talking, they do things on their own.