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Our Blog: April 28, 2017

Meet Our Childtime Staff – Ms. Shateria, Early Preschool Teacher

screenshot_20170426-133340Meet Ms. Shateria, early preschool master teacher at our location on West Britton in Oklahoma City, OK. She has an associate’s degree in child development and is currently working on obtaining her bachelor’s degree. Read our Q&A to learn more about this magnificent preschool teacher!


Why did you decide on a career in early education?

I feel that working with children – since they are the future – I can help develop them in so many ways. I’m helping them get to that next step, and to just help them achieve anything.

How is it rewarding to watch the progress your students’ make throughout the year?

Just seeing the accomplishments, hearing them sing those songs that we go over daily. Just the repetition and the understanding that what I’m doing is paying off for them.

How do you show families examples of our curriculum in action?

I let them know “today we did this” and basically go through every step. I let them know that we’re not just sitting here watching their kids. In my classroom, we’re potty training and everything. Our program is one of the best. I let them know that we have so many opportunities as far as the curriculum and that it helps advance the child.

You mentioned potty training – do you have any tips to share with parents who might be working on that with their child?

I would say consistency and giving them encouragement; those are always the most important things. If they do go to the bathroom for the first time, show that you’re super excited. Kids love to see the excitement. The more dramatic you are about it, the more excited they are, and that’s always a good thing.

Why is early education important for kids today?

It helps instill independence and promotes social development. Being in school, they interact with kids differently, it gives them that social development. They’re not so guarded. If they start in a program from infancy onward, by the time they leave here with us, they’ve already conquered so much.

Can you share some special family events your school hosts throughout the year?

When I first started, we did an ice cream social, we have a Christmas party, we have a Valentine’s Day party, and recently we had an Easter egg hunt for all the children which was super amazing. We also have the Week of the Young Child right now, so we’ve got quite a few amazing events going on.

What do you love about your job?

The consistency in my classroom and the development I’m seeing as far as everyone in the staff. Seeing those opportunities to be able to grow in the company, where you’re not at a standstill. Sometimes days are not perfect, but if you see the brightness in things, they will be amazing.