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Our Blog: September 7, 2018

5 Simple Play-Doh Activities for Kids

On September 16, we celebrate National Play-Doh Day. To praise the clay that we love to play with, here are five fun things to do.

  1. Though combining different kinds of Play-Doh can sometimes be trouble, it can also be a teaching opportunity to show your kiddo which colors combine to make new colors. Download our color mixing wheel to guide you.
  2. Build sculptures with spaghetti noodles, using small balls of dough to connect the noodles.
  3. Help them learn to recognize numbers with these printable number sheets. Roll the dough into logs to form the numbers. Then roll balls of dough to put the corresponding number of “apples” on the tree.
  4. Make your own dough with this recipe.
  5. Practice scissor skills by rolling the dough into a log and having your little one snip pieces off (with kid-friendly scissors, of course).