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Our Blog: August 18, 2020

9 Enhanced Health and Safety Measures at Our Schools

Health-and-SafetyHealth and safety are always top priority, and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’ve added new measures to our standard procedures! Here are just some of the new protocols our schools are following:

  1. No Family-Style Meals – To limit contact with our meals and serving utensils, we are having one staff member plate and distribute meals in our classrooms.
  2. Health Checks Upon Entry – Before anyone enters the building, they must go through a health screening – including a temperature check - to ensure they are showing no symptoms of illness.
  3. Staff Wearing Face Coverings – All staff members are required to wear a face covering throughout the day. Even though our faces are covered up, we’ve still got big smiles on underneath!
  4. Heightened Sanitation Procedures – We’ve always implemented strict cleaning and sanitation procedures, but now there are new considerations, with their own safety steps. . For example, any time a face covering is set on a surface, that area is sanitized to prevent the spread of germs.
  5. Limiting Foot Traffic – While we love having family members and special guests visit our classrooms, we are limiting visitors at this time. If someone other than staff or students must enter the building, we ask that they remain in a common lobby area.
  6. Wellness Checks – Our staff are trained to spot any symptoms of illness, and they conduct wellness checks throughout the entire day.
  7. Increased Hand-Washing – We know hand-washing is one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, and our staff and students are practicing proper hand-washing throughout the day.
  8. Social Distancing – We are social distancing as often as we are able do so. For example, we are spacing children out during nap time and working to ensure that they are the recommended six feet apart.
  9. Continued Communication with Families – We’ve always made it a priority to ensure strong communication with our school families, and these times are no exception. Any time we hear news about a COVID-19-related matter at our school, we work to immediately notify you. Transparency is a point of pride in each of our schools, and we know this is important now, more than ever.


With our strong health and safety protocols, we know we can help prevent the spread of illness and provide a clean, safe environment for our school family!