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Our Blog: May 4, 2021

Introducing New Spring-Summer Menus

With spring having just sprouted, new menus and recipes are in bloom. The new Spring-Summer menus have been updated to further our commitment to the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and its newly launched “Veggies: Early and Often” campaign. Together, with other members of PHA, we are on a mission to raise a generation of vegetable lovers by working collaboratively with parents, medical professionals, educators, and leaders in the industry.

Currently, only 10% of American children eat the recommended servings of vegetables each day. We know we can do better than that, which is why we’re introducing “Veggie-Fueled Fridays!  With this, children will be served two vegetables at lunch on Fridays. In support of this effort, you’ll see some fun new recipes including Lemony Lima Beans & Chickpeas, Bruschetta, Eggroll in a Bowl, and Greek Baked Lima Beans. All of these new recipes have something in common: they are focused on serving more vegetables!  We hope that by serving two vegetables at lunch on Fridays, we will be able to help our children establish a love of vegetables and encourage everyone at our schools to eat more veggies!   

Meatless Mondays, now an international movement, will also continue in all schools! Going meatless once per week is good for your health and our planet because it reduces our carbon footprint and saves precious resources such as water and fossil fuel. In addition, we have a few new whole-grain breakfast options this spring. We’re introducing All Bran Wheat Flakes and welcoming back English Muffins!

To learn more about the Veggies: Early & Often campaign and how you can get involved at home, check out the campaign website: