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Our Blog: June 24, 2021

Boost Kindergarten Readiness

The summer before kindergarten is an exciting one! But it may also come with come uncertainty. Is your child ready? Have they mastered the basic skills needed to launch their journey into school? Are they confident and feeling good about the transition? We’re here to help you answer “Yes!” to all those questions and more with our special two-week summer camp called Kindergarten Cadets.

Research shows summer learning loss is real and children can lose essential skills gained during the year. Our program helps give your child the boost they need for a strong start! We’ll introduce them to standard kindergarten routines, enhance their budding math and literacy skills, and keep it fun with hands-on, project-based learning in these areas:

  • Academic Skills: Challenging kindergarten-readiness work promotes writing development and math problem-solving.
  • Social-Emotional Skills: Special activities help encourage respect, cooperation, and empathy.
  • Self-Help Skills: Essential skills that promote independence, such as lunch routines, schedule transitions, and clean-up.
  • Classroom Skills: Understand how the classroom works by meeting a real-life kindergarten teacher! Practice listening, asking questions, and following directions.

Our goal is to set your mind at ease and help your child feel prepared and ready for their next adventure in the classroom. Click here to learn more and to explore our full list of summer camp programs.

About the Author

Dr. Susan Canizares

Dr. Susan Canizares is the Chief Academic Officer at Learning Care Group, responsible for leading all aspects of the educational mission. Dr. Canizares earned her Ph.D. in language and literacy development from Fordham University and a master’s degree in special education, specializing in Early Childhood, from New York University. She has authored more than 100 nonfiction photographic titles for beginning readers. Some of her published credits include Side by Side Series: Little Raccoon Catches a Cold and A Writer’s Garden.