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Our Blog: August 11, 2021

3 Family Organization Apps

As we return to more normalcy, families are bound to become busier and busier. After-school activities are kicking off, parents are heading back into their offices, and calendars are quickly filling up. To help you manage everything from appointments to mealtimes to soccer practice, here are some easy-to-use apps that are designed to keep life in order!

  1. OurHome: This app allows users to assign and schedule tasks (such as chores), motivate kids with rewards and goals, add items to grocery lists, enter events and activities into a calendar, and much more! Plus, this app is free (with purchase options available), and you can have as many users on one account as you like, for no additional charge. (And, there are no advertisements on this app!)
  2. Cozi Family Organizer: Cozi is primarily focused around a shared calendar and lists. The free version does have advertisements on the app, so you could always purchase the premium version to avoid seeing those. In addition to calendars and list-making, there’s also a “Recipe Box” where you can store all recipes, add ingredients to your shopping list, and use your phone to read the recipe while cooking using the “no dim” button.
  3. Picniic: This family organizer has several features to help keep your family on the same page. The app allows you to set reminders and send polls to users, assign tasks, and syncs everyone’s calendar into one primary calendar (with the ability to filter out calendars as needed). Plus, it includes a family locater function as well as a recipe catalog with dishes from several different cooking sites. Plus, once you find a recipe, you can add it to the Grocery List right on the app!