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Our Blog: November 4, 2022

Create a Gratitude Sunflower

Sunflower fields have become a popular destination for photographers trying to capture the golden hour glow, senior year photos, or candid family moments. Resembling the sun itself, the vibrant unmistakable bloom is a symbol of warmth, positivity, power, strength, and happiness. This month’s craft is a simple one for all ages that allows us to reflect on feelings of gratitude to sow the seeds of appreciation in our lives.

 You’ll need just a few readily available supplies to create a beautiful keepsake to inspire an important conversation about the things we’re grateful for. Gather these things:

  • Paper plate
  • Yellow, green, and brown construction paper
  • Marker, crayon, or pencil
  • Glue stick

 Create the center. Cut a brown circle and glue it to the center of the plate. If your plate has a design on it, simply flip it over to use the back.

 Add the petals. Help your child outline 6 to 10 yellow petals, depending on size. Leave enough room to write the things your child is grateful for on each one. If you need some ideas, read our article about teaching gratitude to spark a discussion about different ways to notice and appreciate the good things all around us. Glue each petal around the center of your sunflower.

 NOTE: Simple ideas may include a warm home, loving family members, a cozy stuffed animal, a nurturing teacher, fun friends, a cool park, a favorite meal, etc. Don’t copy our list though! Use it as a starting point to think about the things that make various experiences extra enjoyable for your child.

 Finish with leaves. Use the green construction paper to add a couple of leaves and/or a stem to complete your craft.

 Hang your sunflower up and use it as a reminder to notice feelings or moments of gratitude with each new day or experience.