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Our Blog: March 30, 2023

Spend Your Summer With Us

Spend Your Summer With Us. 

Summer vacation starts in just two short months. Do you have a child care plan in place yet? Sign up for our summer program now to ensure your child can join us for an exciting lineup of field trips, activities, crafts, games, sports, and more.  

Spots are filling up fast.  

Trust us, our amazing teachers know just what it takes to keep each child engaged and eager for more—no matter how many days they spend with us! 

          Need full-day care for multiple weeks? No problem!
          Need a customized schedule for part-time support? No problem!
          Need half days to create more balance at home? No problem!

Summer fun for everyone. 

We have interactive themes designed to tap into their senses (and their sense of excitement!). Each experience is customized to appeal to a wide range of interests. You’ll have peace of mind knowing: 

  • We provide healthy meals and snacks (no need to pack a lunch). 
  • We have a clean, secure facility designed to keep them safe while they play. 
  • We venture outside as much as Mother Nature allows, water play included.
  • We share lots of hands-on fun to keep children curious and happy.
  • We encourage new lifelong friendships and memories. 

You won’t miss a thing. 

Ask about live streaming video and real-time updates. We know it’s hard to be away from your pride and joy, so we document all the joy to share with you! That way, you always know what your child is up to while they’re with us and which activity makes them smile the biggest. 

Click here to explore your school’s summer program and secure your child’s enrollment before it’s too late. See you there!