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Our Blog: March 30, 2023

We Value Family Involvement

Family engagement is a great way to build a strong connection between home and school for your child. Understanding the activities and routines that are being implemented at school can help your child maintain similar learning at home. Our schools strongly encourage families to come into the classroom for many different reasons to help cultivate more interaction and knowledge sharing.

Summer Camp Connections 

Our summer camp themes offer multiple opportunities for families to come in and share their talents, traditions, or careers. Work with your school leaders to coordinate a time to make real-life connections between your skills and the summer camp themes we have planned. Some examples include: 

  • Do you play an instrument? Come in and show us during Movers and Shakers.
  • Do you have expertise in a science-related field? Join us when we explore Scientific Discoveries.
  • Do you work with animals? Share your skills as we head Down on the Farm or become Young Zoologists in training.
  • Are you a first responder? Give a tour of a firetruck or police car during Our Zip Code community theme or when we highlight Neighborhood Heroes. 

If you have other unique talents, traditions, or skills we want to see them! It’s always a great way to create connections to real-life situations or careers. 

Family-Teacher Conferences 

Family-Teacher Conferences are hosted twice a year. They provide a great opportunity to ask questions and talk with your child’s teacher(s) about their development while reviewing the learning that is taking place in the classroom every day. Here are some questions you may consider: 

  • In younger classrooms you may want to ask, “What type of play does my child participate in most?” This will give you a better understanding of your child’s social-emotional development as well as the activities that hold their attention the most. 
  • In older classrooms you may want to ask, “Do you have any work samples of my child’s handwriting?” This gives you the chance to observe the progress they’re making in a kindergarten-readiness skill. It also opens a conversation about how you can help support your child’s learning journey. 

During conferences, your teacher will show examples of work your child has completed throughout the year, as well as discuss the successes they’ve seen! It’s a great way to feel connected to the classroom and gain a better understanding of what happens when your child spends their days with us.  


We encourage you to work with your school leaders to set up a time to volunteer in your child’s classroom. Our teachers can support you in leading an activity or you are welcome to bring in your child’s favorite book to read to the class. There are a lot of different ways to engage in your child’s learning – and we would love to have you! 

We are excited to head into summer and we hope you are too! Building those strong home-school connections along the way will ensure your child’s learning stays on track and supports their overall development.