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Our Blog: July 7, 2023

Summer Camp Spotlight: Kindergarten Cadets

Designed for Preschool and Pre-K students, Kindergarten Cadets is a special summer camp experience that gives children the perfect stepping stone to kindergarten to ensure they’re prepared for the transition.

The camp is rooted in project-based learning. It’s a hands-on, engaging educational program that will introduce new skills while allowing children the freedom to make choices and shape their own camp experience.

Your child will emerge feeling empowered, supported, and ready for the next step.

  1. What can families expect?
    As children enter kindergarten, they’re exposed to new routines and procedures performed with greater levels of autonomy. During our Kindergarten Cadet program, teachers guide students through classroom routines (centers, hallway, clean-up, bathroom, etc.) with the goal of helping your child feel more independent and capable.
  2. What about social-emotional learning?
    Social-emotional skill development is a key layer of kindergarten readiness. During Kindergarten Cadets, our teachers focus on encouraging collaboration, persistence, and the age-appropriate development of friendships.
  3. What changes indicate more independent growth?
    Parents may see students initiating learning tasks on their own (such as picking up a book to read independently or making math visible in daily routines), as well as sustaining focus on tasks for longer periods of time.
  4. Is there still time to enroll in Kindergarten Cadets?
    Yes! Reach out to your school leader for more information on camp offerings at your specific school. Kindergarten Cadets is normally offered the last week of summer camp programming.
  5. Is Kindergarten Cadets offered at every school?
    Our Kindergarten Cadets program is offered based on school preference at many of our schools across the country, but not all. Ask your local school leader for details.

Our teachers are here to support your child in their learning journey, no matter what it looks like. We hope you’ll join us for fun, engaging summer camp experiences just like this—and more