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Our Blog: October 5, 2023

Spotlight on Spanish: Learn the Colors

We’re exploring language to mark the end of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

How’s your Spanish? Get ready to learn some basics!

In our last family newsletter, we shared an article featuring several ways to celebrate Hispanic American influences including delicious recipes, book recommendations, and a Día de los Muertos craft.

To support the interests and growth of our diverse student population, we offer a variety of electives to extend learning beyond the typical classroom curriculum, such as yoga, phonics, and music. Each opportunity aims to further expand their minds, energize their bodies, and build their confidence.

Many of our schools offer a Spotlight on Spanish elective to introduce the language to preschoolers through stories, songs, and games. It taps into their natural curiosity and aptitude for language development. Want to give it a try at home? Let’s explore COLORS!  

The Colors | Los Colores

By practicing this simple bilingual activity, your child will begin to correlate the English and Spanish names for each color. Our sweet friend, Luciana “Lulu” Atler (6), gave it a try to share her own budding skills. Her enthusiasm is contagious (and adorable). She’s the daughter of Kristina Atler, an Education Specialist for LCG, who’s just as thrilled to share a preview of the program with our families.


Use this chart taken directly from our Spotlight on Spanish workbook and listen to Lulu and her mom say each one in the video to learn how to pronounce them correctly.

Just like Lulu, you can use simple things gathered around your home to represent each color for the activity. Use blocks, a rainbow toy, or even a box of crayons to practice the names.

If you’re interested in learning more about Spotlight on Spanish or any of our other electives, contact your school. The programs we offer vary by location but always encourage fun, friendship, creativity, collaboration, and personal development.