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Our Blog: December 11, 2023

Make a Nature Ornament

This month’s craft combines the magic of the holiday season with the wonder of nature.  

With winter break approaching for many children, we’d like to share an all-ages idea to keep your family busy with a wholesome work of art for any type of celebration.  

Let’s make a nature ornament! No tree? No worries! In addition to looping your ornament around an evergreen branch, you could also hang it from a doorknob, tuck it into a festive centerpiece, or even hang it from a 3M tab to spruce up the corner of a mirror or the edge of a gallery wall.  

Our friends Jace (7) and Aria (6) gave it a try to share their own ideas with our community of Learning Care Group (LCG) families. Their mom, Ashley Wilson, is an HR Business Partner Manager for LCG.  

Gather a variety of materials: 

  • Leaves (real or fake), dried fruit (cranberries or orange slices), holly, small sticks from the yard, evergreen clippings, cinnamon sticks, twine, or pinecones.  
  • Yarn, string, or ribbon for creating a loop for hanging. 
  • Glue stick or craft glue to hold it all together.* 

Invite your children to use their imaginations and creativity to create their ornament. There is no certain template to follow. Embrace self-expression and the freedom to make it look however you’d like.  

Start with an idea and go with it! Need a suggestion? Try creating a tree or snowflake by wrapping string around the overlapping edges of sticks in the shape of a triangle or circular pattern.  

Feel free to make this a mixed-media project by adding other crafting materials you might have on hand already too, such as puff balls, stickers, gems, decorative scrapbook paper, etc. 

*Note: An adult may need to be present if a hot glue gun is needed for more secure assembly. 

We’d love to see yours!  

Share a photo of your child’s nature ornament (or the process of creating it) online and tag your school’s social media page. Send this article to friends or family members, so they can try it too.