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Our Blog: June 9, 2015

On the Road Again! Tips for Traveling on the Road with Kids

Tips for Going On Road Trips with Kids

It’s that time of year when many families pack up the car and hit the road for a summer vacation. Long hours spent in that confined space can be pretty tiring, but with a little preparation, a solid plan, and some good packing, you can not only survive the road, but love the experience.

  • Pack Snacks: Find some easy, portable, mess-free options such as string cheese, rice cakes, bananas, apples slices, granola bars, and raisins to share.
  • Game On: Don’t forget classics like I Spy and the License Plate Game. Or, plan a road trip scavenger hunt. Search for things such as railroad tracks, buses, bikers, and cows.
  • Storytime: Stay entertained with audio versions of your favorite books and stories.
  • Art on the Go: Bring stickers, coloring books, paper, and a cheap baking sheet for each child to use as a desk surface (the edge ensures crayons and markers don’t roll away).
  • Keep It Clean: Make sure paper towels, wipes, and extra clothes are handy.
  • Stop Often: Take both little and big breaks. Yes, you want to get there, but let your kids run around and burn off steam to make the time in the car more bearable.
  • Prepare for Emergency: Pack a plastic bucket for carsick emergencies. Peppermints, ginger ale, and saltines are also natural remedies that tame tumultuous tummies.
  • Time Your Trip: Nobody knows your family’s schedule better than you. Work around naptimes and cranky period. You may need to leave at the crack of dawn or after dinner.